From the earliest design stages to the final construction your people have been first rate in every way. We are thoroughly enjoying the house and don't think we would change a thing if we were to do it over again. Hopefully we won't be building any more houses, but if we did it would be with Jauregui.

Frank & Dorthy Paul
Austin, TX

I've been in the real estate business for 35 years and heard and seen all of the horror stories. But working with Jauregui has been a real pleasure. My wife was never excited about building until she saw a Jauregui showcase homeā€¦ And they made everything so easy. We've never looked back.

Rocky & Helen Del Papa
The Woodlands, TX

We chose Jauregui not only for the high level of detail and quality that is evident in your work, but also for your unique process of creating a custom home that truly sets you apart from other builders. After speaking with your previous clients and hearing about you through the hospital grapevine, it was the high level of integrity that you have shown to your past clients that convinced us that we wanted to build our home with Jauregui.

Drs. Randy & Heather Fagin
Austin, TX

Christy and I have been looking at the elevations all day and we absolutely love the design. Everyone who has seen them are blown away as no one around "these parts" have ever seen anything like it. I like the design, particularly the roof line, better than anything we saw in Austin. From our viewpoint you really nailed it.

Milton & Christy Sundbeck

We've looked at homes all over the country and we haven't found anything that equals the quality and design of your homes.

Jack & Angie Boetcher
Houston, TX