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back to top ↑How do we get started ?

We start with a conversation about your needs and wants for your new home. We will then enter into a simple pre-construction contract, written in plain language, to provide professional services consisting of architecture, engineering and interior selections, with the intention of signing a contract for construction once the drawings and specifications are finalized.

back to top ↑Why Design / Build ?

There are great advantages to design/build over the more customary process of working with an architect first and then selecting a builder. A HUGE plus is that Jauregui, as builder, knows cost. Because we know cost, we can design to a targeted budget. Ultimately this results in time and money saved for you. Construction starts on time because there is no redesign due to cost overruns. Also, the architect (Jauregui) is always represented on the site and is readily available for consultation. Jauregui manages everything on your behalf, always with the highest integrity.

back to top ↑Why choose Jauregui ?

Jauregui is committed to providing the most extensive, most efficient, and most personalized design/build services to you. As such we strive for excellence in everything, from gorgeous and creative design; to exceptionally well-documented construction drawings, specifications and finishes; to expert construction of the highest craftsmanship and project management built on time and to budget and cost estimating required for construction. Additionally, Jauregui's design team is available to assist you in the procurement of fine furnishings and accessories, custom upholsteries and draperies for your new Jauregui home. You only have to interact with one professional source - Jauregui.

back to top ↑What about furnishings ?

We offer complete furnishings services to our valued clients as a compliment to our integrated design/build profile. Our furnishings designer will begin working with you during the preliminary stages of architectural design, cataloging existing furnishings and determining the optimum furniture layout for your new home. We will present fabric and furniture options, as well as window treatment solutions for your consideration. Refinement of selections and timely order processing are managed for you during construction in order to schedule delivery and installation concurrent with construction completion.

back to top ↑Does Jauregui offer design only ?

We usually design for our build clients only. In this way we are able to focus an enormous range of expertise and synergy into providing the kind of exceptional homes that our clients have come to expect. Consequently, ownership of drawings remains with Jauregui until after construction completion. Jauregui is very unique in that we bring together all of the professionals into one company to provide the most encompassing design/build services to you.

back to top ↑How is Jauregui price competitive ?

The old adage of "You get what you pay for" has never been truer than when it applies to your most expensive investment. Actually, Jauregui is particularly focused on cost and value. We have found that there is no better design tool than an in-depth working knowledge of cost, which allows us to provide very targeted cost estimating during the design process. You will know what the total budget looks like within 6-8 weeks after we begin design, within 95% accuracy. And that is inclusive of landscaping, pool, garages, driveways, etc.

back to top ↑How long does it all take ?

Generally we suggest allowing 6 months for design and engineering. It's always good to take more time for this level of design and investment to make sure it's just right for your needs. Construction time will depend on the overall scope of the project, but our homes typically fall in the range of 12-18 months for completion. We can accommodate a quicker timeframe by expediting design, which requires meeting with you more frequently, and/or beginning site work and foundation while the interior details are still being finalized on the plans. Jauregui has the team that can realize your expectations.

back to top ↑How much does it cost ?

The homes on our website generally start at approximately $350 / heated sq. ft. and include all improvements such as garages, terraces, pool and landscaping. A home site requiring additional foundation or site work would add to this cost. Our construction fees fall in the median range in comparison with premium luxury builders. But Jauregui is singular when it comes to the exceptional level of design, expertise and service which we encompass.

back to top ↑What about design fees ?

Professional design fees vary greatly from one firm to another. Our fees fall in the median range, and are based on overall scope of the project. Our pre-construction services provide all of the following under one contract at a flat fee which is determined on a project by project basis: preliminary design/specifications/selections/furnishings concept; comprehensive design development and extensive drawings; engineering as required (structural engineering; septic engineering, etc.); interior selections of all materials and finishes; detailed specifications; furnishing selection/ procurement/ installation; and cost estimating. Our professional fees are payable as design work is rendered. Our construction drawings are exceedingly detailed to support construction quality and timeliness. As a design/build company, we know the information our construction team requires for effective management, and we make sure to provide complete documentation the first time around. Jauregui's focus and experience is dedicated to residential design, and we bring the working knowledge of cost to the design table.

back to top ↑How are payments made ?

Our pre-construction agreement / fees consist of 3-4 payments over a period of about 6-8 months as architecture, engineering and interior selections are rendered. The construction contract requires an initial deposit equal to 5% of the construction cost payable upon acceptance of the construction contract.

back to top ↑How does the construction loan work ?

If you choose to finance construction costs, you will first apply with a permanent lender, such as Merrill Lynch or Chase Bank or other mortgage banks, for a long-term loan. Once approved, the lender will provide a letter called a "take-out commitment" for a permanent loan. You will present this letter to an interim construction lender, who will lend typically 70-80% of the total appraised value of the improvements and lot. Many of our high portfolio clients have the option of financing up to 100% of the construction cost. Jauregui provides the plans, specifications and contract price to the lender for appraisal, and we are pleased to help facilitate the loan process for you.

back to top ↑How do you get paid during construction ?

Jauregui is paid as construction progresses. At certain intervals of construction, about every 3-5 weeks, we will submit a draw request to you and the lender. Lender will perform a site inspection and fund, upon your authorization, according to progress. If there is no lender, then draw requests are submitted directly to you for payment.

back to top ↑Cost Plus vs. Fixed Fee Contract ?

Cost Plus refers to a construction agreement whereby the contract price to you, the client/owner, is the sum of all construction costs (materials, labor, equipment and contingencies) plus a fee to builder equal to a flat percentage of all construction costs. This method of contracting is viable when the scope of project is so broad that it cannot be sufficiently documented prior to construction start. We most often recommend a fixed fee contract, in which Jauregui assumes responsibility for all contingencies during construction and you can bank on a fixed price.